Riesa Howard

In Memoriam: Riesa Howard (1925-2016)

In addition to being the mother of JHCLA’s Founding Executive Director, Riesa was a patient on our hospice service not once, but twice. After the death of her son in 2006, she developed lymphoma and then chemo toxicity and hovered between life and death. She rallied and was discharged from hospice after one month.

A force to be contended with, she had early aspirations of acting, law and public speaking. She represented Judaism on UCLA’s Panel Of The Americans teaching religious and cultural tolerance. Though sidelined by marriage and children, she became an accomplished docent at both LACMA and The Skirball Cultural Center. A avid traveler from an early age, from every state in the union to nearly every continent, she was a sought after travel agent during the later part of her life.

A graduate of UCLA, she was a wife of 66 years, mother of three and grandmother of six.

She will be missed every time Shabbat candles are lit.

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